Corporate Finance Strategy


Paul Putz & Partner understands the options available to companies and develops a made-to-measure corporate finance strategy together with the client. In this process Paul Putz & Partner is a long term partner and distrusts quick and easy solutions.

Each enterprise is at a different development stage. Our consulting approach is based on an extensive analysis focussing on your needs and shows the options available to your company. The optimisation of your financing structure and the ability to increase the value of your enterprise are the centre of our attention. As opportunities on the financial markets may arise or your needs may change over time, a corporate finance strategy can never be final. On-going monitoring and optimisation are needed.

A sound corporate finance strategy is the basis for any project or transaction you might want to pursue in the future. It is therefore an integral component of Paul Putz & Partner's graduate scheme of advisory services.


A sound corporate finance strategy leads to the need for professional project management. This in turn results in a transaction and transaction advisory. Paul Putz & Partner is your competent partner in this tripartite process.